Thoughts on product handling

How product handling works, and how to make it better


How Should Abrasive Materials Be Handled?

Abrasive materials can usually be handled by using a bucket elevator – provided some care...

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What Are The Different Types of Vibratory Screens? Where Can They Be Used?

Vibratory screens are mechanical devices that utilise vibrating wire meshes or perforated...

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What Design Factors Should Be Considered When Implementing a New Bucket Elevator System?

If you are involved with the justification in capital expenditure for a new bucket...

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Bucket Elevators Vs Belt Conveyors: What Is The Difference?

When it comes to moving for example dry powdered materials or other types of products...

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What Are the Benefits of a Vibratory Screen?

A vibratory screen (using either a circular or alternatively a linear type as depicted...

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5 Things You Should Be Looking Out for When Selecting a Linear Vibratory Feeder

There are several factors to consider when selecting a linear vibratory feeder for your...

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Bucket Elevator Innovation – 4 Bucket Elevator Projects That We’ve Worked On

At Gough Engineering, we design bucket elevators and bucket conveyors for global and...

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A Changing World Leads to Exciting Opportunities at Gough Engineering

We are excited to announce a new appointment to our Sales Team: Customer Solutions...

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FIBC Dischargers – An all Important Piece of Equipment for the Chemical Industry

F.I.B.C dischargers, or ‘Big Bag’ dischargers as they are also known, are important for...

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For Food, Appearance Is Everything

For humans, our enjoyment of food is about more than taste. We eat with our eyes as well...

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